Just to refresh my English

I haven't written anything in English for a long time, so I thought I would give it a try. Here we go.
My son was at a friend's house today and I said I would come there to pick him up about four o'clock in the afternoon. I actually thought about taking a walk and, at the same time, pick up my son from his friend's house. Then I saw the clock ticking so fast and realized, I'll take my bike. I put on more clothes and realized that maybe I could fold down the rear seat in my car, and then there would be enough space for my son's bike. So, that's what I did. Lazy mom! 
When we got home, I took a quick shower, because that's what moms do. One hour later I had to be on my way to town to go out for dinner with some friends. Before that I had to cook dinner for my children, who said they where starving. My son wanted to have rise and chicken, and my daughter wanted mashed poatoes and sausage. That's what their kind mommy cooked for her children. We actually had some leftovers of mashed potatoes and sausages just to warm up, but the rest of the food I cooked. About fourty minutes later the children where full and I tried to call my spouse. He didn't answer. I blow dried my hair and then I realized I should hang the laundy before I had to go. Then my spouse came home and he was talking on the phone. I hang the laundry, rushed upstairs to find some clothes, said bye to my children, rushed downstairs and said hi and bye to the man I live with. I made it on time.
When I got home tonight, everyone was asleep and the kitchen looked nice. Happy mom! Now I've told you all about my day. I'll write in Swedish next time. I just had to refresh my English to warm up for some more English writing. You'll find my texts written in English in another place...


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Wow, här var det verkligen aktivitet =D

Kul att läsa om hur er vecka varit! Nej, vi mammor har inga "slappedagar" längre. De kommer väl när barnen är tonåringar kanske =)

Ha en fortsatt fin helg

Svar: Bara man inte stressar ihjäl sig nu, hinner man säkert slappa om några år. :)

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